$35 Repair Deposit


$35 non-refundable deposit for repair. See below for repair agreement.



$35 non-refundable deposit for repair


You will pay a $35 non-refundable deposit before starting the repair. This deposit will be credited to your balance
upon completion of the repair. In some cases, this deposit may be more than $35, for instance if we must rebuild
large portions of the piece from scratch. The deposit will be noted on your ticket or in our communication before
we begin work. ALL deposits are non-refundable.

Repair Time
I understand that the repair can take up to 30 days, or even longer in rare circumstances.

Breakage and Unrepairable
Be aware that, although it is not common, the item can break during the normal course of the repair. Geo’s Glass
will not be liable for damages or loss to the piece from any circumstance, including shipping, fire, theft,
catastrophe, repair failure, or any other circumstances. You also are made aware that some items will not be able
to be repaired even after work has begun. In either case, you agree to pay the non-refundable deposit.

You agree that you have seen the estimate for repairs and you agree to the amount. Be aware that this is only an
estimate and that the cost of the repair may change if the circumstances change. Geo’s will try to get approval for
any foreseeable changes in the cost. However, the cost could change without notice.

Shipping and Shipping Costs
All shipping costs, both to and from our facilities, are your responsibility, unless otherwise explicitly agreed to by
Geo’s Glass. You should take care to pack your items carefully to avoid damage in transport. Geo’s Glass takes
shipping your items seriously and will take reasonable care to ensure their safe delivery. Even with proper care,
breakages can still occur. Geo’s Glass will not be held liable for any damage that happens during shipping, either to
or from our facility.

Final Product
Be aware that repairs are not guaranteed to look perfect or like new. Despite the piece not looking like new, if the
piece is functional, then you are obligated to pay the full remaining balance or risk forfeiture of the piece. A
repaired piece should always be marketed as a repair and not like-new.

You will pay the remaining balance and sales tax before you receive the repaired item. Be aware that you will not
be able to receive your item until payment is made.

Be aware that, if you do not reclaim your item within 30 days of being informed of the completion of the repair,
then you will forfeit your item(s) to Geo’s Glass. and we will dispose of it as we see fit, including selling it to cover
our costs.

Company Name
“Geo’s Glass” is a trade name of G&G Smokeshop, Inc. The two names are equivalent for the purpose of this